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The Global Clean Water Desalination Alliance (GCWDA) brings together key stakeholders from the energy and desalination industries, water utilities, governments, financing institutions, academia and R&D with the goal to reduce CO2 emissions from existing water desalination plants and to scale up the use of clean desalination technologies through coordinated actions. 

The Global Clean Water Desalination Alliance hosts and facilitates events at key climate, water, energy, and environmental global gatherings.


Through its events, the GCWDA aims to present the work of the clean desalination industry and to share best practices and contribute to water and climate solutions in various regions.

The Global Clean Water Desalination Alliance (GCWDA) implements projects in four work streams:

Work stream 1: Mapping and assessing potential markets for clean energy powered desalination.

Work stream 2: Promoting Energy efficiency, system integration and demand response.

Work stream 3: Research, development and demonstration.

Work stream 4:  Education, training and outreach.

The Global Clean Water Desalination Alliance (GCWDA) is a membership based non-profit organisation open to interested individual experts, organisations, institutions working on clean desalination. 

Members of the GCWDA commit to work towards the goals of the alliance and to abide by its principles.