Education, training and outreach


The focus of work stream 4 is the dissemination of information on CO2 emissions of the desalination sector and the solutions to reduce these emissions and securing access to fresh water across the globe. Currently, there are only a few studies available on this topic. 

Outreach activities shall inform investors and decision makers about on-going activities in the desalination sector to increase the sustainability of the industry. Education and professional training programs would guarantee that all players in the desalination industry are aware of the commercially available options that offer alternative energy solutions and help reduce the CO2 emissions in desalination plants.

Proposed activities

  • Create a knowledge platform providing access to information about clean desalination technologies, best practices and lessons learned

  • Facilitating a dialogue with key stakeholders and decision makers to gather input and disseminate clean desalination technologies

  • Sharing of experiences and best practices

  • Development of “action agendas” for regulatory and industry stakeholders

  • Raising public awareness about the potential and benefits of clean desalination for public at large.

  • Provide training and workshops to targeted audiences, e.g. desalination industry professionals, policy makers, clean energy developers, etc. 

Definition and implementation of these activities are undertaken by GCWDA work stream 2 under the leadership of ENGIE and the Renewables 100 Policy Institute.

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