The GCWDA aims to reconcile the equally urgent needs to address several sustainable development goals including access to clean water, innovation and economic growth with the urgency of containing global warming.


As desalination is increasingly considered by governments and consumers around the world to address hydric stress and climate change resilience, the GCWDA is bringing together key stakeholders from the energy and desalination industries, water utilities, governments, financing institutions, academia and research & development (R&D) with the mission to reduce CO2 emissions from existing and planned water desalination plants in all world regions.


The Alliance aims to reduce CO2 emissions from water desalination by promoting and leading the implementation of activities that:

  • Power new water desalination plants by clean energy sources;

  • Replace fossil fuel based energy sources of existing water desalination plants with clean energy sources;

  • Retrofit existing water desalination plants with more energy efficient technologies; and

  • Attract investments in the water desalination sector for CO2 emission reduction purposes.

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