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Working Stream 1: Markets 

Projects to assess and monitor clean desalination markets potential and prospects. Activities include: Country Roadmaps, Analytical Studies and data collection.

Working Stream 2: Policy

Projects to define and promote desalination energy efficiency incentives, measures and industry initiatives.

Working Stream 3: RD&D

Projects to invest in pilot and demonstration projects that show the technological reliability and commercial viability of  clean water desalination solutions. 

Working Stream 4: Education & Trainings 

GCWDA Projects to develop and implement capacity building, education and training activities targeted at industry players seeking climate friendly desalination solutions. 

The 4 work streams’ activities are coordinated by Masdar and each one led by a designated GCWDA member as follows:

  • Work stream 1 (WS1) is currently led by IDA

  • Work Stream 2 (WS2) is currently led by NREL

  • Work Stream 3 (WS3) is currently led by MIT

  • Work Stream 4 (WS4) is currently led by ENGIE and the Renewables 100 Policy Institute


The works streams' activities complement each other and are interrelated.